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Mobile App Development Environment (MADE) at UF is a university initiative to provide students with the necessary equipment and training to develop mobile, virtual reality, and augmented reality applications. MADE@UF is equipped with a variety of different devices and software. Learn more about available devices and software.

Organizations may request to hold an event in the MADE@UF space by filling out the reservation request form. To see upcoming events, or to determine an available date for your event, please view the lab calendar. If you have any questions about the Marston location, feel free to email Samuel Putnam at srputnam@ufl.edu.

Where is it located?

MADE@UF is located on the ground floor of the Marston Science Library and Infinity Hall. For library hours, visit the Marston Science Library site. Infinity Hall is open 24/7.

Who can use MADE@UF?

MADE@UF is open to all students with a valid UF ID.

How can you participate?

At Marston:

Every user of MADE@UF needs to check out a room key, good for a 4-hour block, at the Marston Science Library service desk (main entrance). The first time you check out a key, you will need to sign a copy of the MADE@UF agreement forms. Once you have an agreement on file, you will receive a small sticker on your ID to show that you are authorized to use the room.

Oculus Rifts to be used in MADE@UF are available for checkout at the Marston Science Library service desk.

Computers and devices currently are first come, first served. Single users are encouraged to use the individual computers to save the large tables for groups.